About this site

Welcome to my website

This is where you can find information about my books and other work.

I’m also blogging here about books, teaching (various topics related to the GCSE and A Level English curriculum), organisation and self-care. You can find those posts organised by category in the menu at the top, or browse through the tags.

I am currently researching diverse YA and young people’s reading (both at home and at school), against the specific context of the National Curriculum in England. I also teach and write for young people. Recently after a long interest in bullet journalling I opened an online shop selling printable planners and other printables to help with organisation and the day-to-day balancing act. All of these interests are reflected here in this site (possibly against every piece of social media/marketing advice ever, but this is my website and that is me, so here it is, all in one space). If you are interested only in one part of that, the tabs along the top will help you 🙂