Links for Teachers

If you teach English Language A Level, I’d recommend the following online resources:

  • Dan Clayton’s blogs – on English language and on teaching grammar
  • The Linguistic Research Digest blog, which was set up by Sue Fox and Jenny Cheshire to share recent linguistics research with A Level teachers
  • The relatively new site The Grammar Teacher, maintained by Dick Hudson and Geoff Dean has lots of helpful (and recent and positive) material about grammar.
  • Subscription to Emagazine and EMC Extra. Emag is a fantastic magazine for sixth form students of English (all varieties!) and EMC extra is an online resource which is growing all the time.  I particularly appreciate the video clips with academics on specific (and often tricky) details.
  • Membership of Teachit
  • Membership of English Edusites
  • Membership of the English Language List (take a personal subscription on this site). This email list is where teachers of A Level Language share resources and discuss aspects of the course.  It’s a great community and we all learn a lot from each other.

As for books:

  • David Crystal’s Cambridge Encyclopaedia of the English Language is great to have in the department.
  • Deborah Cameron’s ‘Teachers’ Guide to Teaching Grammar’ is excellent if you’re less confident on word classes and syntax.
  • The new Cambridge Topics in English Language series, edited by Dan Clayton, including ‘Language Diversity and World Englishes’, ‘Language and Gender’ and ‘The Language of Literature’ are essential NEA-reference material for the department.
  • For the AQA spec, the OUP textbook (by authors of the old Nelson Thornes ones) is also particularly good 🙂