I thought it would be good in this umpteenth version of the site to add in a bit more for teachers, so I’ve tried to cluster together some of the stuff that you might not have seen from elsewhere that I hope is helpful. 

You may find some of the GCSE or A-Level posts useful – they are addressed to students, but of course, you may wish to check them out before directing you students towards them. My writing posts, and those on my book blog, are written for a broader audience (which may also include students, of course). 

I also share useful stuff for Language that I’ve found online on Twitter, but then I do everything on Twitter, so you also get a lot of book chat, dogs and writing stuff, as well as personal/political comments (although I’m not that frequent a poster). Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Those of you who used to enjoy my recommended reading slides might appreciate this:

I’m establishing a monthly newsletter for teachers, and I’m offering a pack of 36 recommended reading slides (pretty much 1 a week) as a gift in exchange for signing up. The slides will be in ppt format, so you can edit them (add your school logo/swap some texts), and are all themed. If you’ve used/seen my slides before, some might be familiar, but most are new or at least updated. Themes are either topical (e.g. mental health), English-based (e.g. multiple narrator), seasonal (e.g. horror for Halloween) or themed around a media product (e.g. for Love Island fans). The books recommended are suitable for years 9-13. For an example and my standard blurb about how I use the slides, see this blog post.

The newsletter will include the following content:

  • info about that month’s blog posts for students (GCSE and A Level)
  • brief details of book blog posts/writing posts for the month
  • my top Language links for the month, with classroom/learning suggestions
  • news about any upcoming publications/conferences/workshops (but I promise it won’t be too salesy!)

Watch this space/my Twitter for more details.