Welcome to the new site!

Chasing about trying to get everything updated and in place – like a speeding sighthound…

If you’ve visited recently you may have noticed a few changes – especially if you’ve visited more than once while I’ve been shuffling things around. Admittedly, it’s the wrong time of year for a spring clean, but a tidy-up and restructure was very much overdue, believe me.

Anyway, this is just to say: thanks for popping in and try not to be too alarmed. It’s not always like this, I promise, and things will settle down and (hopefully…) make a bit more sense soon.

While I’m adding to the site, what in particular would you like to see? What brought you here in the first place? Now we’re on WordPress, let’s try to be a bit more interactive, shall we? Leave me a comment below…

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