Developing Writing

One thing I am glad of with the new GCSEs is that the writing requirements seem in some ways to be more realistic than some of the over-stylised demands of the old descriptive writing, for example. Using professional writers as models will always be useful in exemplifying current practice, as well as allowing stealth recommendations of good current work (and justifying contemporary writers) that might be more to students’ tastes).

For currently-publishing writers for young people who write lyrically, try:

  • Alexia Casale
  • Zoe Marriott
  • Claire Furniss
  • Melinda Salisbury
  • Marcus Sedgwick

For ‘clean’ and crisp writing which conveys emotional subtleties, look to:

  • Keren David
  • Non Pratt
  • Keris Stainton
  • Joanna Nadin
  • Dave Cousins
  • Phil Earle

Note: all recommended authors above write for teens (and sometimes other age groups) and there may be occasional strong language and content. All are UK writers (no/few Americanisms). My regular #ReadingTeacher recommendations may be useful as some explicitly reference writing skills, but all are chosen as well-written recent releases. These are books which KS4 (mostly) will enjoy, but which also have a curriculum link or some connection to a school-wide topic of relevance (e.g. SMSC), or something topical.