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This site is all about english degrees - what they’re like, why anyone does them and loads of useful job statistics to show what you can do with one.

This is Andrew Moore’s excellent site, which has a wealth of material on both language and literature.


This is Dan Clayton’s excellent language-based blog, focusing on language in the news, and very helpfully identifying which bits of our syllabus (AQA) the stories are relevant to!

This excellent blog explains recent research in linguistics. Intended to keep teachers of English Language A-Level up to date, it will be of interest to good students as well. It’s maintained by academics including Sue Fox and Jenny Cheshire!

Here you will find a fabulous blog on English Accents and Dialects, featuring recent research info - this site’s a must for Language students.

This is a funky phonetics page - I’ve shown some of you this one in class.  It has cool animations and video and organises consonants by place and manner of articulation.  The only downside is it’s American so some of the vowel sounds aren’t accurate for our purposes.

This site is great for Language students, AS & A Level.  It has resources relevant to many of the key topic areas - child language, dialect, research methods etc.

This one is Geoff Barton’s site, extremely useful for language topics/theories.

This link takes you straight to the grammar section of this detailed and very useful site for both language and literature.


There are some literature resources at S-Cool.

Another literature site: Spark Notes, similar to York Notes, but free and online!  Useful for chapter summaries, general comments about theme and character etc.  Not as in-depth as you’ll need to be, but a helpful starting point.

Links for English A Levels