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Lang-Lit Skills
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This site was originally designed around the English Language course , but there is still plenty of material here that will be helpful for you.

The Frameworks section is essential for both literary and linguistic concepts to apply to all texts.

The Mode and Textual Analysis areas may also be useful, particularly in comparing unseen and anthology texts.

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Lang-Lit students should be keen readers: check out my recommendations on Pinterest! (Visit the site for more of my boards, recommending lighter/more commercial reads). You might also like my blog, where I review a lot of recent novels aimed at a Young Adult audience.

You may also find useful material in the Writing area of the site, which focuses on the type of writing we usually call ‘creative’, i.e. writing to entertain. There is also some material on producing this kind of work in the NEA section for Language students, which may be of use to you.