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These pages act as a ‘hub’, providing information about the frameworks and their associated terms.  As well as frameworks, other key concepts, such as mode and context can be found here.

It is not a good idea to print out all these pages.  However, it would probably be a good idea to make notes from them, or to use them in putting your own glossary and/or revision notes together.  Something organised in a way that makes sense to you is likely to be of the most use to you. If you find these notes helpful, and know you will want to refer to them frequently, they can be downloaded in ebook form for the Kindle (or Kindle app) - see the button below the menu throughout the frameworks section.

You might also find the ‘learning terms’ page helpful for hints on activities that will help you to learn the terminology and be able to apply it more effectively.  Getting the terms learnt may well be the most productive thing you can do to improve your English grade.

This section is accessible from all areas of my site, so don’t be surprised if you find some examples that aren’t actually relevant to you.  I have labelled each example with the spec, level and topic it applies to (e.g. Lang: child language; Lang Lit: poetry), so it should be clear which are ‘yours’.  That said, it wouldn’t hurt you to see how the frameworks are used in other areas, especially if you’re thinking of taking English further (like a degree, say....)

Click the links at the side for each framework,  Some (like lexis) will give you a single page, while others (like maybe grammar) will set you on an exciting and magical journey.

Have fun!  And do let me know what further improvements I could/should make to this area.