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Child Language

This topic forms half of your paper 1 assessment at A Level.  You need to be able to make linguistic observations about children’s use of language (both written and spoken) and relate this to theory/research on how we develop language.

In the exam, you’ll be able to choose from two child language questions - one on speech and one on writing - but both will require you to comment on some data, writing an essay that answers a specific question.

If you narrow your choices ahead of the exam by only preparing for one of the topics, you can pretty much guarantee that the other one will look great..

Remember that the data is there for a reason and you are expected to engage with it in detail. At the same time, you are asked a question, which will never be ‘what is this child doing?’. Your job is to pick out the most interesting things about the data in relation to the question in front of you and relate them to the theories and studies that you know. Also remember: