This site is somewhat in flux at the moment as I work to update it and integrate aspects of a revision notes site that’s been running for over a decade now (for English Language A Level) with my bookish blog and various reading- and writing-related material that I have gathered online over the years.

It should all be clear where to go – if you are a TEACHER, or a student taking English Language A LEVEL or English GCSEs, start with those areas, but in either case, you may also find the BLOG and WRITING sections of interest.

For those familiar with my old A Level material, be warned: I’m retiring it, and will be replacing it with more of a blog model over here. I won’t have the topic-by-topic overview that I used to have, but I will tackle some of the nitty-gritty issues. I hope I’ll be able to be more responsive and up-to-date. My frameworks/linguistic methods/approaches e-book will still be available, as frameworks haven’t changed, even if we do call them various other things now :).

I’m also starting a GCSE strand, as I’ve been teaching (and writing for) GCSE a lot more over the last few years, so if you teach both, or are a student and have siblings/friends sitting GCSE, please do send them my way!

Thanks for your patience – and for visiting!