This site exists to support students and teachers of English A Level, especially English Language. Copyright Beth Kemp 2005-present. Text from this site may not be copied for commercial gain, although you are free to use for study purposes.

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This site now includes my book/personal blog, Thoughts from the Hearthfire. Most posts are book reviews (popular/commercial rather than literary fiction), largely for YA novels but also some children’s and adult titles. Head for the ‘About’ section for this, and for details of my published work (and a bit about me, of course!)

The bulk of the site is devoted to revision notes on English Language for AS and A2.

Visit the Specific A Level Notes section for revision notes on particular set topics for Lang and Lang-Lit courses.

Go to the English & Language area for notes on the core frameworks and for wider reading on Language.

This site represents my various interests as an English teacher (particularly of A Level Language) and examiner, a writer of teaching resources and textbooks, and a reader.

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