This site is somewhat in flux at the moment as I work to update it and integrate aspects of a revision notes site that’s been running for over a decade now (for English Language A Level) with my bookish blog and various reading- and writing-related material that I have gathered online over the years.

It should all be clear where to go – if you are a TEACHER, or a STUDENT, start with those areas, but in either case, you may also find the BLOG and WRITING sections of interest.

For those seeking A Level material: some links still point outside of this new wordpress site to my old site (indicated with a ** on the menu), as I work on shifting stuff over, but you should be able to find your way back via the ‘home’ button on either page, and also I’m not deleting anything from other there until it’s all safely installed over here. Just be aware that as I shift, I update, so anything duplicated over here may have additional examples and/or references to the new spec.

Thanks for your patience – and for visiting!