This site is somewhat in flux at the moment as I work to update it and integrate a decade-plus old revision notes site (for English Language A Level) with my bookish blog and various reading- and writing-related material that I have gathered online over the years.

It should all be clear where to go – if you are a teacher, or a student, start with those areas, but in either case, you may also find the blog and writing sections of interest.

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 A Level English Language notes covering key concepts, topics, research studies and some exam and NEA advice for the AQA specification.

I assume if you’re here, you’re some kind of an English student. Most of this site is focused on English Language A Level material, but there is also some stuff for Language & Literature students, and there is a fair bit for Creative Writing students too.

You’ll find most material organised by topic/course in the top menu. If you’ve just started Eng Lang and are a bit overwhelmed, you might find the Frameworks stuff most helpful. This is where all the key terminology can be found. I’m in the process of updating that at the moment, to add in a few newly-required bits and pieces for the new specification, but rest assured – everything that is there is fine: nobody’s changed what a noun is!

If you need a break, why not check out my recommendations for a good read to relax with? I review a lot of new releases on my blog as well, mostly for Young Adults, as well as some for children and for adults. Alternatively, visit one of my YA Pinterest boards for more recommendations.


Where to find more support for teaching A Level English Language; advice on teaching reading and writing, and recommendations for good reads for young adults (also see the blog for a lot more on this).

I thought it would be good in this umpteenth version of the site to add in a bit more for teachers, so I’ve tried to cluster together some of the stuff that you might not have seen from elsewhere that I hope is helpful. My Reading page will be forever updating, as it draws from my blog and twitter to pull reading recommendations and the posts relevant to teachers, as well as featuring my 2016 summer reading list that tries to match tastes to TV/film and hobbies/interests etc.

You may wish to follow my Facebook page, as that is where I occasionally share updates, as well as links to useful stuff online for Language. I also do this (much more reliably) on Twitter, but then I do everything on Twitter, so you also get a lot of book chat, dogs and writing stuff, as well as personal/political comments. I also use FB to give tips on how the articles/resources could be used in the classroom (which there isn’t really room for on Twitter) as I am really aiming the FB page at teachers and not students.


Evolution of my book blog to be more teacher-focused and also to share more about writing and titbits from my research into diverse YA lit in the classroom, plus the usual brief reviews; themed reading recommendations on slides for KS3-5.


Information about my writing; where to find writing resources; advice for teachers interested in breaking into educational writing.

I thought it was about time I added more to my site as a writer and for writers. I’m concerned with writing in three main ways, so I’ll address all of those here:

As a teacher, lamenting the loss of the Creative Writing A Level (and appreciating some of the changes in writing in GCSE). I addressed this in the teacher section, but the resources and advice for writers found here can also be used with students.

As a person who writes fiction for their own pleasure and aiming for eventual publication. My fiction writing is largely for children and young people. My links and resources for writers will be useful to those who also write for children/young people, but also to those writing for adults, since not all of the sites and resources I reference are that specific.

As a writer of published teaching resources and textbooks for students on various topics within English. I’m often asked how I got started/how others could try to do the same, so I’ve put a page together with some advice, but please do be aware that as with all writing, a lot of it is luck/right place, right time and there are never any guarantees.