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The STUDENT area contains notes for A Level English Language and combined Language and Literature. There are detailed notes on the various frameworks for analysis, plus information on topics for Language A Level and tips for exams and the NEA for the AQA A Level. There are also links to other English resources, advice for the future, and reading for pleasure recommendations.


The TEACHER area contains links to further resources, as well as advice on incorporating reading for pleasure into lessons on reading and writing and collections of themed recommendation clusters to help teachers get a wider range of books into classrooms. Teachers may also find the blog of interest (this is where the book recommendations originated).

My BLOG focuses on books – recent YA and children’s publishing in particular, with brief reviews and posts on writing.


The WRITING area is where you can find all my books, but also links to my favourite online writing resources and advice. I’ve also put together some advice for teachers interested in breaking into educational writing.


A Level English Language notes covering key concepts, topics, research studies and some exam and NEA advice for the AQA specification.


Where to find more support for teaching A Level English Language; advice on teaching reading and writing, and recommendations for good reads for young adults (also see the blog for a lot more on this).


Evolution of my book blog to be more teacher-focused: brief reviews; themed reading recommendations on slides for KS3-5.


Information about my writing; where to find writing resources; advice for teachers interested in breaking into educational writing.